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To create a future for every individual who struggles with dyslexia and other related reading differences that results in a richer, more robust life and the access to tools and resources when they need them.


1. All stakeholders will realize their full potential and advance our destiny.

Extremely Important Things
Our stakeholders include researchers, educators, professionals, children and adults with dyslexia and their families, public policy decision-makers, donors, corporations and foundations.

  1. Focus on educating parents, teachers and professionals about dyslexia.
  2. Assure that structured literacy is embedded in educator training.
  3. Provide the opportunity for all people to learn to read.

2. Everyone will know about IDA, dyslexia and the scope of our challenge

Extremely Important Things

  1. Assume the leadership role in successfully collaborating with other organizations and corporations across the nation.
  2. Succeed in connecting all stakeholders through effective social media expansion.
  3. Further establish our international presence.

3. IDA will be The Go-To organization internationally

Extremely Important Things

  1. IDA will respond immediately to people at their point of need with information or referral to available and accessible resources and develop the necessary standardized support materials.
  2. IDA will be the authoritative source of current information about dyslexia and other reading challenges.

4. We will advance our brand with unprecedented impact and speed.

Extremely Important Things

  1. Publish for sale a book of stories about people with dyslexia.
  2. Successfully identify and recruit publicly recognized individuals with dyslexia to be engaged with IDA.
  3. Develop and implement an aggressive and strategic organizational brand. Standardize our delivery of the brand across the IDA.

5. We will articulate with impatience and clarity that reading is a civil right.

Extremely Important Things

  1. Educate the general public about the economic impact of learning differences and other negative impacts of dyslexia on society.
  2. Communicate more aggressively to the media that reading is an essential life function that cannot be minimized.
  3. Investigate the appropriateness of involvement in court actions regarding reading differences.

6. We will generate whatever funds are necessary to assure that appropriate resources are available to individuals, families and school systems.

Extremely Important Things

  1. Develop and implement a national signature fund raising event that is low risk, memorable, will grow quickly over time, provide funds for branches and the home office equally and connects us with new stakeholders, donors and volunteers.
  2. Dramatically increase corporate and foundation strategic partnerships and funding.
  3. Connect donors more viscerally to our destiny through effective and consistent relationship cultivation.
  4. Ultimately, and in a way that is organizationally useful, implement a revenue sharing model that meets the needs of IDA.
  5. Generate $50 million in annual revenue by 2020 to accelerate our pursuit of our IDA destiny.

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