About Us

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About Us

It is the mission of the IDA Louisiana Branch to provide information and resources to parents, educators, students and the community in a way that creates a clear and positive understanding of dyslexia and related language learning needs so that every individual has the opportunity to lead a productive and fulfilling life for the benefit of society.

We strive to have a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals with dyslexia and their families. We work diligently to provide evidence-based information and services so people with dyslexia can advocate themselves and achieve their best.

Intellectual integrity is the cornerstone of the IDA. We value our historical roots and honor them by retaining a commitment to research and evidence-based practices. We understand that such a commitment may at times demand a willingness to challenge long-held beliefs.

We work as a team in a culture of mutual trust and respect. We communicate with each other openly and candidly. We achieve the best outcomes together.


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